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As a teacher, I need to be on my feet most of the day, performing a wide range of tasks. Before coming to Dr Wilber I had to spend most of my school day in my chair and was very limited in what I was able to do.  I am now able to perform my normal duties for extended periods with minimal soreness and with no limitations.  B. Young

Throughout both of my pregnancies, chiropractic care has helped the lower back pain that my friends complain about.  My labor was fast and easy as well and I contribute that to Dr Wilber keeping my hips aligned.  My quality of life is exceptional due to chiropractic care and weight control coaching that I have received at Wilber Chiropractic Clinic.
J. Puckett

I started coming to Dr Wilber in September of 2011 and I had sharp pain in my arm, shoulder and elbow.  After only a few weeks of treatment, I am so much better.  I had been in pain since April and am so thankful that I was referred to Dr Wilber. J. Coker

Before I came to see Dr Wilber I had lots of pain and discomfort in my back, hip and going down my leg.  But through his hard work and attention to my problems I feel much better and am able to do the activities that I enjoy and thought I wouldn't be able to do again. A. Knox

I used to get a stiff neck that would last over a month at a time.  After seeing Dr Wilber, I have not have a problem in over a year.  I am a better hairstylist and mom because I can do my work without limitations and I have a better attitude as well. S Cardarelli

I came to Wilber Chiropractic Clinic after an automobile accident.  I got better dramatically within a very short period of time.  I can now sleep without pain and my energy level has skyrocketed!  I am very sad to be moving to another country because I will not be able to see Dr Wilber anymore. He brought back my life and my confidence. Thank you very much! O. Kim

After getting into a car accident, I was referred to a chiropractor by my attorney. I felt very uncomfortable there and didn't get any better.  A family member referred me to Dr Wilber and my constant pain diminished almost immediately.  As new symptoms popped up, Dr Wilber took care of them all and was always very friendly and professional.  He is personable and remembered small details of my life so I always knew that he was paying attention and his patients are important to him.  I now see why choosing the right chiropractor makes all the difference. C. Ducote

Since seeing Dr Wilber I am happier, healthier and in a lot less pain. Before, I was a very angry woman because of the pain. Since coming here, I am so much happier and relaxed.  I am amazed at what chiropractic medicine can accomplish! M. Means

I came to Dr Wilber with pinched nerve type symptoms in my neck and left arm/shoulder.  After only a few adjustments, my pain was all but gone. I am continuing maintenance care to eliminate any possibilities of having my condition return.        
J. Skelton

I feel great! I am more aware of my posture and the do's and don't of spine care.  I look forward to every appointment because my headaches are now gone and I sleep better.
K. Butler

Waking up from sleep used to be painful and so was swinging a bat.  Now I am feeling better and I am able to play baseball so well that many good colleges are noticing me. I now wake up pain free. N Risley

I have been coming to see Dr Wilber for many years and he and his staff are always friendly and professional.  Dr Wilber is extremely knowledgeable in his work field and an all around great man.  I return once per month for maintenance and look forward to every visit. G. Noyes

The severe pain in my right hip is GONE, GONE, GONE. Thanks Dr Wilber!
J. Howington

I came to Dr Wilber with muscle spasms that were rotating my hip to the degree of one leg being shorter than the other which caused lower back pain and limping when I walked.  After treatment with Dr Wilber, this problem has been corrected.  I didn't realize how much pain I was in until it was gone.  As a Delta pilot, I sit for long periods of time,  which can cause the lower back pain to rear its ugly head, but Dr Wilber is able to take care of that with no problem. R. Vaughn

Before I started coming to Dr Wilber, I walked around at a pain level of 5-8 daily.  I would have given anything to reduce my pain level to a 3. Now, I am walking around with a pain level of 1 and even 0 most days.  I am feeling so much better and just very grateful that I was led to Dr Wilber.  C. Hill

The everyday knee pain is gone and the headaches that plagued me 3-4 days a week are gone. So thankful! L. Dennard

When I first came to Dr Wilber I had been in an accident and I came into the office in tears.  Most of my pain was gone within 2 weeks and the rest was gone soon thereafter.  There were days that I would come in so much pain, and within 15 minutes after an adjustment the pain would go away and I would be able to sleep.  Everyone wants pain to go away immediately, but Dr Wilber explains how that is not always possible and he taught me so much.  Now I just want to say thank you so much!  I appreciate Teresa's warm personality and the time and attention that was given to me. L. Onysko

When I first came to Dr Wilber my back was in chronic pain.  They were kind enough to take me right away.  Teresa and Dr Wilber are both very kind and caring.  This experience has given me a new appreciation for chiropractic.  Thank you both for all of your help!
S. Snipes

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